What is organic vegetables? Organic vegetables are good for health?

What is organic vegetables? Organic vegetables are good for health?

Nowadays health issues really are the top concern. Vegetables are a staple food in every family's daily meal. So what are organic vegetables and are they really good for health?

1. Origin of organic vegetables?

As vegetables are grown, produced by methods and standards of organic agriculture, each country and region will have different standards. However, the common point of organic food is always aiming at promoting ecological balance, diversity and biodiversity conservation.
More specifically, organic vegetables are those that meet the criteria:No chemical fertilizers

  • No chemical fertilizers
  • No herbicides
  • No harmful pesticides
  • No GMO
  • No growth stimulants

The above criteria are certified by the world's leading organic organizations such as USDA, EU ...
This means that organic vegetables are grown in a completely natural environment, without the intervention of toxic chemicals in all stages from cultivation (soil, irrigation water, seeds, pest control, handling weeds) to packaging or storage.

2. Are organic vegetables good for health?

Of course, organic vegetables will bring great benefits to consumers' health

Prevent disease

Several scientific studies have shown that organic otters and vegetables contain up to 40% more antioxidants than non-organic products. Therefore, those who use organic vegetables will reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes ...

There are no GMOs

Using animal jealousy in organs is against the law of nature. Using bioengineered genes to produce more yield, bringing mutations will harm health. In organic vegetables, there is no GMO gene so the body will be healthier.

Great taste

Organic vegetables means naturally grown vegetables. Therefore, they have a natural, crunchy, sweet taste.

More nutritious

One of the indispensable benefits of organic vegetables is the nutritional value. These products are free of harmful chemicals and very nutritious. You can get all the wonderful nutrients from consumed products.

Better with the environment

In addition to the health benefits of consuming organic vegetables, there are many other benefits. Soil, water, and air will not be polluted, increase the fertility of organisms and consume less energy.

Increase production capacity

One of the reasons for infertility in mammals, including humans, is the use of chemicals. When animals are fed an organic diet, they will reproduce and produce better.

Cheaper food

Although some organic products are more expensive, most of them are within your reach. If you plant trees around your home, you will have fresh vegetables and fruits. They can improve the air, while also preventing some serious diseases.

Avoid soil erosion

Currently, the Earth is at risk of serious environmental degradation, one of which is soil erosion. Organic farming can help the Earth improve, keeping the soil's fertility.

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