What is organic hand sanitizer? Why is organic hand sanitizer safer?

What is organic hand sanitizer? Why is organic hand sanitizer safer?

Organic products are often mentioned in recent times, organic vegetables are a product familiar to everyone because it is good for consumers' health. But there is a new product made from organic that is not only safe for health but also contributes to environmental protection. That is organic hand sanitizer.

So what is organic hand sanitizer?

Organic hand sanitizers are a form of hand soap, but they are 100% natural and do not harm the user.


  • The raw materials are extracted from 100% natural organic ingredients of plant origin, do not contain toxic cleaning chemicals, synthetic scents, synthetic additives, ... To be granted a certificate Organic, these products must undergo rigorously tested production process and must reach organic quality.
  • Safe for human health, no harm to skin hands when used. Besides, these are also environmentally friendly products.



  • Organic hand sanitizer is recommended to kill up to 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria on the hands completely based on the biological activity of enzymes without using any toxic chemicals.
  • Not only does it clean harmful bacteria from deep in each gap in the skin, organic hand wash also contains natural ingredients that help protect and care for skin cells, keeping the skin smooth;
  • Does not cause skin irritation, does not contain toxic synthetic scents, when used does not create much foam.

How to use

Like many organic hand lotions, simply rub the hand wash solution all over your hands, then rinse with clean water.


In the past when talking about organic you often think of organic foods like vegetables, tubers, fruits or grains grown organically. But nowadays all consumer products can be produced by this method, which means a lot about helping protect the natural environment.

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