The best time to fertilize plants in the day

The best time to fertilize plants in the day

The plant grows and thrives well thanks to the addition of necessary nutrients. The nutrients penetrate deep into the soil and help the roots absorb the whole plant. Therefore, in order to maximize the benefits of fertilizing, you need to know the best time of day to contribute to making the garden healthier in the long run.

The most ideal time

Fertilizing in the morning before the sun is strong allows you to take advantage of the cool temperatures and reduce the wind. When you spread the nutrients over the topsoil, you water them without fear of the wind evaporating the nutrients, so the essentials will come to the roots quickly and activate absorption almost immediately. instantly. In addition, plants are not stressed by the midday heat, so they are more easily absorbed when nutrients are absorbed into the soil.

Applying fertilizer in the evening

You can still apply fertilizer in the evening for about 5-6 hours as one of the alternatives if you're busy in the morning. You should fertilize at the base and then water to fertilizer is absorbed slowly into the soil. Do not over water or spray directly onto the leaves. Because of the moisture remaining on the leaves at night, it is easy to make a tree fungus.

Principles when fertilizing

Only fertilize the plants that need it, apply it just right and apply it at the right cycle.
You can apply organic fertilizer directly to the base if the plant is in the development stage that needs a lot of protein, then apply cow, chicken and earthworm fertilizers. If the tree needs to flower, raise fruit then fertilize bat - bat fertilizer into fertilizer with lots of phosphorus.
If you apply NPK, you should apply it proportionally depending on the time of the plant. If the need for plants to grow, then apply a lot of nitrogen, otherwise, if the tree bears fruit then apply a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus + trace elements (some common ratios such as 30-10-10, 20-20-15 + TE, 6-30-30). Before fertilizing, mix in water at the rate of about 15ml (one tablespoon) to 5 liters of water.

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