In order for lemon trees to grow well for high productivity, in addition to standard planting processes, attention should also be paid to the technical process of fertilizing and tending trees. Dosage and fertilizer application directly affect crop yields.

Note: Compared to other citrus crops, lemons are the most sensitive to chemical fertilizers, so when using chemical fertilizers, instructions from the manufacturer should be used.


A potted lemon tree needs a balanced amount of NPK 17-17-17 fertilizer. When the lemon starts flowering, add red potassium powder to make it quick.
Look for a fertilizer containing micronutrients, especially iron, manganese and zinc. To increase the amount of food for your lemon, apply a water-soluble fertilizer once in a month to the growing season


For first-time lemon growers, the problem of watering the plants is very difficult. Because lemon is a plant that requires a suitable amount of water, more or less water causes the fruit to fall, even killing the tree. If the soil is too dry, salt can appear and damage the roots. Therefore, the need to keep the soil always ensure a reasonable moisture.
To check if the soil is sufficient moisture, press your finger deep into the soil about 2-3 cm, if you feel dry, you must water immediately. On hot and windy days, water the plants more often. And avoid putting pots where there is too much wind.

Sun light

Despite being a tree grown mostly outdoors, lemons are cold tolerant and do not tolerate windy locations. So should only leave lemon for about 7-8 hours and the peak is 12 hours on a clear day.
It is best to position the lime pots with two sides exposed to sunlight on the east and south, or west and south. Place the pot in as much sunlight as possible.

Pruning and pruning roots

Pruning helps trees grow luxuriant and easily gets more fruit. However, this should only be done when a new growing season begins. Special note, only pruning branches are pests, died because if pruning too much can make the tree stunted.
Besides, you should also notice a few strange branches, they often grow directly from the main stem, and absorb nutrients from the tree so they must be removed immediately.


The above are basic guidelines to help you grow a lemon tree at home, both green the garden and can be used every day. Good luck

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