Lemon trees are an easy-to-grow plant and are growing in popularity everywhere. Lemon contains a lot of nutrients like Vitamin C. In addition, lemons have a sour taste, light fragrance, very suitable for many dishes and are used daily in every family's meal. Therefore, the demand for lemon in our country is very high, especially in the dry season. So to meet everyone's needs. In this article I will guide you how to care and fertilize lemon trees.

Introduction to the lemon tree

Weather conditions

  • Temperature: Temperature affects the growth of trees, the quality and the development of the fruit. Lemon trees can live and grow at temperatures of 13 - 39 degrees C, but the most appropriate tree is about 23 - 29 degrees C.
  • Amount of rain: Lemon trees need about 1,000 - 2,000mm of water per year. In the dry season, rainfall is not uniform, so in the dry season, lemon trees need to be watered to provide enough water for plant growth.
  • Sun light: Lemon trees are suitable for growing where there is light intensity 10.000 – 15.000 Lux.
  • Water: Lemon trees need a lot of water especially during the flowering and fruiting period. However, like other citrus crops, lemons are afraid of water logging.


The soil must have a thickness of at least 60cm thick, with light or moderate mechanical composition. The soil is porous, well drained, water pH is 5.5-7, has a high organic content> 3%, the soil is not saline and has a low groundwater table.

Planting season

Lemons can be grown year-round throughout the month, but the most suitable time to grow is in Feb, March or July, August,October. These are the times when lemons are easy to get fruit and grow best.

Pots for Lemon

When choosing a pot to grow lemon, remember to choose a pot about 25% larger than the roots of the tree. Ideal pots are terracotta pots because they have more porosity and evaporation capacity than plastic pots. This is an important factor to help the tree grow well because lemons are reluctant to retain water.

In order for lemon trees to grow well for high productivity ...

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