Rose and How to care rose (part 2)

Rose and How to care rose (part 2)

Planting and caring roses

Preparing the necessary items is very important, a prerequisite for a pot or a cluster of roses to bloom and grow well.

Choose varieties of roses

There are many ways to grow roses in which common cuttings or extracted from the seedlings. However, it is advisable to choose seedlings that are available by nursery owners, especially those that are stout, lush, with lots of branches and leaves because the survival rate will be higher and it will not take much time.

Prepare the soil before planting roses

Although roses are easy-to-grow plants that can grow in many different soil types, if you want to take care of roses that produce many flowers, you should choose to grow in porous soil with good drainage so that irrigation water cannot be stagnant. damage the roots. Growers can buy available soil or also mix meat with decomposed compost such as earthworm, coconut fiber, etc.

Selection of pots for roses

After choosing the location to plant, next you need to pay attention to how to choose pots. You should choose pots that match the age and size of the rose. If it is a mature rose, large stalk, needs a lot of water, then growing in a large pot will help retain moisture long. Persimmon is a very dead plant if you choose poorly drained and flooded pots. Preferably put a fine layer of coal slag under the bottom of the pot.

Placement of roses

Roses are suitable for living in windy and sunny conditions. Houses in big cities are often obscured, lack of light so plants are susceptible to diseases, bad flower quality, and poor productivity. Therefore, you should choose a place to grow roses with the direction of the morning sun or the sunlight shining through, avoiding the harsh sunlight.


Fertilizing the tree is an indispensable part of the process of planting and tending the roses. From 10-15 days when the tree takes root, compost around the stump and watering helps the tree absorb nutrients well, using teaspoons. coffee to quantify the fertilizer for safety. Combine periodically once a month for foliar fertilizer and root fertilizer. Rice water is also one of the very good fertilizers for roses.


Should need to add water to the tree regularly. The main cause of yellowing and falling leaves is the lack of water in the plants. You should water the plant with a light nozzle to water evenly in the morning, on intense sunny days, water more for the tree in the cool afternoon around 16-18h, avoid the case of leaves and buds still wet overnight to create an environment for worms, disease developed.

Pruning branches

When the tree has grown well, many branches and branches jostled together, you should often remove damaged branches and leaves. When cutting, cut the tops of the leaves to add two layers of leaves to give the roses a new branch, from each end of the branch will produce new flower buds.
Note: It is advisable to cut the angle diagonally so that there is no standing water on the cut, which will make the tree fungus

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