Rose and How to care rose (part 1)

 Rose and How to care rose (part 1)

Rose is the common name for flowering plants in the form of shrubs or perennials of the genus Rosa, family Rosaceae, with more than 100 species with diverse flower colors, distributed from temperate to tropical. These species are famous for their beautiful flowers, so they are often called roses. Most are native to Asia, the rest are native to Europe, North America, and West Africa. Indigenous species, plant varieties and hybrids are all ornamental and scented.

Rose meaning

Roses have many colors, each with different meanings
Red roses: symbolizing a passionate and romantic love. Red roses have been around for a long time, spanning many cultures - both western and eastern.But wherever they are, they are always the most beloved flower, and symbolize a kind of affection. same sacred: Love.
White rose: symbolizes innocence, grace, and empathy. White rose is not only a symbol of pure and noble love, but on the other hand, it is also a flower for expressing an apology to your lover if you have made a mistake.
Yellow rose: Perhaps this is a flower that is quite a headache to the recipient because of its diverse meanings: Yellow rose not only symbolizes a colorful love, but it is also a flower of love. friend, showing interest and progressing in your relationship, such as: "I care about you" or "remember me". Offering a bouquet of yellow roses can be a celebration of the beginning, and a return celebration. At times, rose gold is an expression of jealousy, falling in love, and betrayal. Besides, yellow roses are also ideal flowers for mothers and grandmothers, because it also has the meaning of gratitude and respect.

Planting and caring roses

Preparing the necessary items is very important, a prerequisite for a pot or a cluster of roses to bloom and grow well...

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