Model of vegetable garden on the rooftop is good for health.

Model of vegetable garden on the rooftop is good for health.

With a small space on the balcony or terrace, we were able to design for our family a clean, healthy vegetable garden based on the criteria of not using plant protection products. In addition, meticulous care of vegetable garden in free time will bring a sense of comfort and relief after a tiring working day in the city.

The essentials when designing vegetable garden on the terrace:

Well drained

Designing truss higher than the concrete floor will help your vegetable garden from being flooded. Moreover, make sure that you have good waterproofing treatment for the floor so that the wet water will not penetrate through the concrete floor to create an aesthetic for your home.


The roof terrace is sunny and windy, good for the growth of plants. But for plants that you have just sown and are in the germination stage, if not well shielded, it will ruin the season of sowing. So make sure the space is still sunny enough but there is still light sunshine.

Planting Pots

  • For those who are new to vegetable gardening on the terrace, to save money, they can take advantage of old things such as paint buckets, buckets, small pots or foam containers. These seemingly "throw away" things are enough for you to have a family meal.
  • If you are more professional, you can buy smart vegetable trays, aeroponics ... But if the investment fails, in the first one or two, it will make you bored. So it is best to slowly, gradually improve to have a clean vegetable garden as you like.



Good seeds, sowing in time is important for a clean vegetable garden on the terrace. Check the seed quality, expiry date to make sure you don't waste any effort after sowing.


  • This is the most important element of your rooftop vegetable growing plan. You should ensure daily watering so that the plants do not dry out, if possible you should also design an automatic watering system with extremely low cost.
  • Regarding fertilizer: you should only use organic fertilizer such as cow, chicken, goat, earthworm to ensure clean and healthy vegetables.
  • If you find a worm, you should meticulously catch it so that it does not spread to other plants or use bio-pesticides made from alcohol, garlic, chili and remember that your health is above all, absolutely no to the substances plant protection.


Hard-working and meticulous will give you a clean vegetable garden for your family, ensure your health but also help you have more useful knowledge about agriculture. Good luck.

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